Serviced Mini Storage
Great value for Investment.
Buying over renting!

  • Great value for investment or self-usage
  • Government-compliant warehouse
  • Full set of approved independent property deed
  • Provide flexible instalment plans
  • Independent compartment from 30-200 sq. feet
  • The price starting from HKD260,000

Property Features

Stable Rental Return

A High-return and stable investment project contributes to provide buyers with considerable stable rental return at their fingertips.

Full set of approved independent property deed

Each cubical unit comes with a full set of approved independent property deed, buyers can flexibility choose to rent out or self-use. Mortgage loans of up to 50% are available, which flexible instalment plans are also provided.

Strong Appreciation Potential

The government is actively promoting the policy of revitalizing industrial buildings and intends to tighten the control of non-conforming mini storage companies. Thus, the appreciation potential and prospect of the government-compliant “The Storage” series is even higher.

Great value for investment or self-usage

Buyers can choose to use part of their property’s space for their own use or rent it out; and can enter the warehouse at any time according to their own requirements or reserve our 100 Storage’s moving team to provide a door-to-door delivery service.

Large Market Demand

The demand for storage is keen dure to Hong Kong’s crowded living space. Since opening in 2014, the property operator of The Storage series, 100 Storage, has leased out above 10,000 storage boxes to its customers.

Secured Insurance Protection

The property operator, 100 Storage, has arranged comprehensive insurance plans, including fire and water insurance, among others. Customers can also customize additional coverage according to their requirements.

Asia’s First Compliant and Legal Mini Storage Property Investment Project

“The Storage” series are carefully planned by registered architects, approved by the Government, Fire Services Department and the Buildings Department. Applications are made to the Lands Department for the change of use of the property to a warehouse.

The biggest difference is that in addition to the rental service, we also offer storage for sale. At the same time, our mini storage units are fully compliant with the Fire Services Department’s specifications, with 60-minute fireproof partitions, automatic rebound fire doors and fire alarm system which directly access to the Fire Services Department. All our mini storage units have completed the subdivision process with the Land Registry. During the sale and purchase process, we will have a licensed real estate agent to finalize the contract of sale and purchase, the solicitor will then arrange the remaining process for completion, and finally the registration will be registered with the Land Registry, which is the same sale and purchase procedure as a normal property.

Hong Kong is a small city with a large population and high property prices. As living space becomes smaller and smaller, the demand for storage space in Hong Kong id getting higher and higher. At the same time, the government intends to tighten the regulations and supervision of mini-storage in the future in order to protect the rights of the public; therefore, the demand for our government-compliant warehouses will only increase and there is a certain investment value.

For long term users, we recommend purchasing over renting. Monthly rental payment for storage spaces is an endless expense, but there is a time limit on the payments after the property is purchased, and the property is a personal asset that the buyer can own in freehold. In addition, this asset has the flexibility to be used for personal use or rented out.

Each mini storage unit in the project is constructed in accordance with the strict regulations and guidelines of several government departments. The layout of the whole project is approved by the Fire Services Department and the Buildings Department and is fully compliant with the FSD specifications.

The product of the project is actually similar to the operation model of parking spaces:
Recently, a HK$10 million parking space was sold in the market and the only reason for this deal was the buyer recognized there was value and demand. The price of parking spaces in Hong Kong has risen from the median of hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2010 to an entry fee of around 2.0 million now. The high demand is due to the increase in private car ownership, and the low supply is due to the government’s new regulations and restrictions on the common space of new buildings, which has led to an imbalance between supply and demand, resulting in higher parking space prices. Similarly, the demand for mini storage will increase in the future, and its development potential is undeniable.

The Opening Ceremony of The Storage One

Why “The Storage” series?


The first mini-storage property in the market —
Strong Appreciation Potential

  • “The Storage” series are strategically located next to several redevelopment projects and in line with the government’s revitalization policy, the potential for appreciation is high.
  • Strong demand in the Hong Kong market – Strong demand for storage space as living space becomes increasingly scarce.
  • As the government intends to tighten the regulation of mini storage warehouses in the future to protect the rights of the public, the demand for our government- compliant warehouses will only increase, making them a valuable investment.


Government Approved Warehouse

  • Planned by a registered architect, after more than one whole year of planning, we applied to the Lands Department for change of use of the property to a warehouse.
  • We have a comprehensive insurance plan including fire and water insurance, etc. Clients can also customize additional coverage according to their needs to provide additional protection.

Optimum Storage Environment –
Constant Temperature and Humidity Air Conditioning System

  • Construction cost of more than 10 million HKD was invested to build the 24 hours constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system.


Provide great confident with the highest fire specification

  • Approved by the Fire Services Department and the Buildings Department, everything is carefully planned according to the highest fire safety standards.
  • Application has been approved by the Lands Department for change of use of the property to a warehouse, which is in full compliance with government safety standards.
  • Contact our team for details now.