100Storage Door-to-Door

  • Door-to-Door storage service
  • Ideal for smaller-sized and handy items
  • Need not to enter the warehouse by yourself

Storage Level

100storage not only provides door-to-door storage service, but also “first-class storage service” for customers. Both the service and storage box materials are all upgraded!


Size (600mm X 400mm X 360mm )

– $48/month
– Send us photos through WhatsApp for quotation
– Private warehouse
– Prior reservation is required for picking up items


Size (600mm X 410mm X 310mm )

– $78/month
– The mini storage warehouse in Hong Kong in compliance with the highest specification and separate partitions
– 24 hours constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system
– With package services
– Priority delivery time by appointment

Service Flow


Call us for making delivery appointment

Boxes Delivery

Deliver storage boxes to your place


Complete the packing with 14 days

Boxes Moving-In

Call us for moving-In appointment

Flexible Storage

(Monthly charge)

File storage box

40L x 30W x 29.5H cm
Maximum weight 15kg

HK$33 / per case/ per month

Standard storage box

60L x 40W x 36H cm
Maximum weight 25kg

HK$48 / per box /per month

Storage items

Item must be comfortably carried by one person
Maximum weight 25kg

HK$68 / per item / per month

Promotional Package

(One-year contract)

5 standard boxes

600 x 400 x 360 mm
Maximum weight 25kg

HK$222 / per month

10 standard boxes

600 x 400 x 360 mm
Maximum weight 25kg

HK$412 / per month

First-class storage box

First-class file storage box

40L x 30W x 29.5H cm
Maximum weight 15kg

HK$38 / per box / per month

First-class storage box

60L x 41W x 31H cm
Maximum weight 25kg

HK$78 / per box / per month

New Storage Experience

Safe and reliable. Pack your items at your place.

100 Storage is well managed, cleaned, secured and maintained.
Customers can experience easy storage without go in and out of the warehouse.

24-hour free access

High usage customers can freely enter and exit the warehouse 24 hours a day.
Come and pick up items at any time!

Free transportation

First-class users are entitled to one free transportation per month.
Priority will also be given to the delivery appointment.

Highest Fire Regulations Standard

100 Storage is built in accordance with the highest fire control regulations and compliances, has been approved by the Fire Services Department as well as the Buildings Department.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Air Conditioning System

Construction cost of more than 10 million HKD was invested to build the 24 hours constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system, in order to provide the best storage environment

Government-Compliant Warehouse

Certified architects were involved in the project. The work plans of 100 Storage have been planned and optimized for more than one year, the property usage has been successfully re-registered as warehouse.

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