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100 Storage

— is “your portable storage assistant”.

100storage is a storage company committed to developing a new concept of special delivery storage project. By providing the public with home delivery and storage services, we wish to provide our customers a time saving and flexible storage experience.

100storage takes “box” as the axis of operation and “people” as the basis of service. We are determined to link “home” and “mini warehouse” by using “box”, and the cooperation between the two ensures that each customer can spare more time and space to enjoy life with their loved ones.

The advantages of “mini-box” are short and flexible rental period, clear classification of storage items, and direct delivery to customers’ homes, which saves customers a lot of time and cost.

At the same time, customers can experience our people-oriented services right from the beginning. From outbound, inbound, billing to on-site delivery, we have a dedicated person to follow up and respond to inquiries immediately. We put the convenience and comfort of our customers in first priority, and these thoughtful services have always been well received by our customers.

The only legal and compliant warehouse in the market

—Serviced storage warehouses with independent compartment

The professional team provides on-site “collection” and “delivery” services, and allows 24 hours free access.

To meet the needs of users, it is an innovative storage service for Hong Kong people.

Safe and Reliable

Our warehouses come with a 24-hours constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system, which is fully compliant with fire safety regulations and planning.

Confidence Guarantee

We provide high quality storage boxes.

Thoughtful Service

With our dedicated staff to follow up the service process, customers can experience the convenient on-site storage service at home.

Innovative Technology

Supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) to develop the very first storage application in the market.


Interviewed by numbers of social media platform, sponsored by SME Awards and participated in various charity events.

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