Documents are important assets of all companies. A good and proper document management reflects the company’s good corporate governance and can also improve the company’s operational efficiency. Document management is an important function and should also be an integral part of the business.

According to Hong Kong tax regulations, companies must keep sufficient transaction records, and all transaction records need to be kept for 7 years from the transaction date. However, the company may not have room to store such a large number of transaction record files.

As a member of the Hong Kong business community, 100storage treasure trove is willing to contribute to the Hong Kong business community to provide you with a document management business storage solution. One of the main points of business storage is to keep the documents stored in a good place, avoid exposure to the sun, rain or insects, and can be retrieved whenever necessary. We have a constant temperature, constant humidity air-conditioning system, and will also carry out seasonal regular mold, insect, deodorization treatment. If you have any questions about our business storage services, please contact us for enquiries.

可放 6 - 8 個 boxfile


1-9 boxes

$33 / month

10-29 boxes

$30 / month

30-49 boxes

$26 / month

>50 boxes

$22 / month